Meta-adaptation—Starting with an Inciting Incident

This exercise challenges your ability to use the principles of meta-adaptation to create a new story from scratch—in this case, by starting with an inciting incident.

As Chapter 10 of Discovering the Soul of Your Story reveals, clues to the issue that lies at the heart of a story's thematic proposition are often contained in its inciting incident that starts the story going. And Chapter 13 includes a five-step procedure for creating a story by starting with an inciting incident.

The challenge in this exercise is to use that procedure to create a two-paragraph synopsis for a complete story by starting with this inciting incident:

  • An accidental meeting with an old flame

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For More Information

For details regarding these concepts and terms, see the Discovering the Soul of Your Story—Overview video and the glossary. For more exercises like this, visit the Exercises category.

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