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BookstoreThe Academy Bookstore is like any other campus bookstore, minus the smell of espresso, a bulletin board with ads for roommates, and a live acoustic guitarist accepting tips. It differs mainly in that it includes only one book—Discovering the Soul of Your Story* by Roger Rueff.

You can use the links below to purchase signed or unsigned softcover copies of the book. And Discovering the Soul of Your Story is also available in e-reader format at the Amazon Kindle store.

*Second Edition is now available! For reviews of the First Edition, click here.


To purchase signed softcover copies here at the Academy, just add them to your cart and check out.


To purchase unsigned softcover copies directly from the printer, click here.


To purchase the book in e-reader format for immediate delivery to your Kindle, click here.

Discovering the Soul of Your Story (Second Edition)
by Roger Rueff
Transcend Press
ISBN 978-0-9844688-1-2
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