The grok Approach—Occupations and Vectors of Intent

Chapter 5 of Discovering the Soul of Your Story proposes the idea of "characteristic vectors of intent"—that is, the notion that human beings often exhibit default tendencies to gain, regain, or keep and that those tendencies are often associated with inherent nature, age, position in a relationship, occupation, or story role. For example, a physical therapist might exhibit regain characteristics by default, because her occupation focuses on restoring the use of the body.

This exercise concerns the gleaning of characteristic vectors of intent from common occupations. Specifically, its challenge is to identify three such occupations and their characteristic vectors of intent—including a brief rationale for associating each occupation with its characteristic vector of intent.

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For More Information

For details regarding these concepts and terms, see the Discovering the Soul of Your Story—Overview video and the glossary. For more exercises like this, visit the Exercises category.

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