Thematic Imprinting—Harvesting Issues from Life

Chapter 10 of Discovering the Soul of Your Story explores how to identify and refine the issues that lie at the hearts of thematic propositions. It also reveals methods of searching for issues around which stories can be constructed. Some of those methods pertain to the world of information (for example, news and academia). Others derive from observing day-to-day life.

This exercise is about the latter.

Specifically, the challenge of this exercise is to describe a circumstance or scenario from day-to-day life (preferably your own) that revolves around a central issue as defined according to the Academy principles—for example, "respecting one's elders" or "taking revenge."

The proper response to this exercise consists of two brief paragraphs:

  1. Describe the circumstance or scenario.
  2. Identify the issue and describe how the persons involved expressed their various perspectives on the issue by means of their approaches and actions.

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For More Information

For details regarding these concepts and terms, see the Discovering the Soul of Your Story—Overview video and the glossary. For more exercises like this, visit the Exercises category.

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