The Intent of Hubris

The grok Approach—Identifying a Vector of Intent Hubris can be defined as “excessive pride or self-confidence” and is often warned against in cautionary tales, where it is presented as the cause of great downfalls, especially among the more powerful members … Continue reading

The Intent of Self-conscious Action

The grok Approach—Identifying a Vector of Intent As any observer of human nature knows, there is an important difference between “self-consciousness” and “self-awareness.” Whereas self-consciousness tends to be driven by fear and insecurity, self-awareness is more likely to manifest as … Continue reading

Finding One’s Soul Mate

Thematic Imprinting—Exploring Issues in Stories As Chapter 10 of Discovering the Soul of Your Story reveals, the theme of any story revolves around a central issue that may be thought of as a topic of concern regarding how to live. … Continue reading

Exercises Category

Workouts for the Storytelling Mind The Gymnasium Exercises category contains an expanding list of exercises designed to help writers build and tone their storytelling muscles. Each exercise consists of a simple prompt, question, or drill related to storytelling, especially with … Continue reading