To Build a Fire (1908)

Log Line A man displays hubris regarding his ability to handle the forces of Nature as he attempts to reach a Yukon mining claim. Overview Medium: Short Story (© 1908; Published first (an alternate version) in The Youth’s Companion, v. … Continue reading

Babette’s Feast (1987)

Log Line A pair of never-married sisters attempt to keep true to the religious teachings of their father and maintain the health and spirit of remote Danish community he helped create, even at the cost of their own desires. Overview … Continue reading

Swimming with Sharks (1994)

Log Line A young screenwriter pursues Hollywood success at all costs and becomes selfishly world-wise in the process. Overview Medium: Film Writer(s): George Huang Director(s): George Huang Production Co.(s): Cineville; Keystone Studios; Mama’Z Boy Entertainment In Swimming with Sharks, a … Continue reading

The Player (1992)

Log Line A Hollywood executive attempts to keep both his job as an influential player and the secret of a murder he has committed. Overview Medium: Film Writer(s): Michael Tolkin Director(s): Robert Altman Production Co.(s): Avenue Pictures Productions; Spelling Entertainment; … Continue reading