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Field Notes

Field Notes

Exercises and examples that demonstrate the practical and innovative application of the principles contained in the book.

Why Theme Makes Stories Memorable

In some sense, the plot of any story may be viewed as simply a delivery system for its theme. But why is theme so important, and how does its quality of expression affect how your audience feels about your story? The Power in the Meaning of Your Story In the summer of 2012, I had the privilege of teaching one of only two sessions offered during a...

An Energetic View of Wants and Intents

In storytelling, wants are to intents as potential energy is to kinetic energy in the physical world—they provide the potential for movement but are not sufficient by themselves to generate action in the story. For that, they transform into intents. Want as the Stored Energy of Intent Chapter 3 of Discovering the Soul of Your Story...

The Difference Between a Story and a Tale

Discovering the Soul of Your Story draws an important distinction between a "story" and a "tale." And although neither is intrinsically superior to the other, they do possess important differences that can affect how the audience engages. Measuring the Curve of the Story Arc Discovering the Soul of Your Story draws an important distinction...


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