Never Let Me Go (2010)

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What is the type of intent in the movie "Never Let Me Go"?

Started by Theodore Wesenberg on 2014-09-12 at 20:14

Is Never Let Me Go a gain, regain, or keep story?

Never Let Me Go: Kathy is the "carer" of clones who undergo surgery for organ transplants. She is (probably?) a gain character. She intends to gain the truth: can clones earn a deferral by proving that they have souls?*

Main Character: Kathy, the carer
Vector of Intent: Kathy attempts to gain the truth: can clones prove that they have souls by proving artistic merit or the capacity to love?
Condition of Value: admission that clones have souls, a deferal on Tommy's final "donation" allowing them to prolong their lives together.
Inciting Incident: Miss Lucy, a new teacher informs the students that they are clones who exist to give their organs to heal sick people, and they will "complete" (die) in their twenties.
Propsition: One should not attempt to accept the suffering some to improve the lives of many, success in the attept degrades humanity for all.
Theme: civil rights for under represented members of society
Issue: Clones
Outcome: fail/disappointed: Kathy finally gets a meeting with former headmistresses at Hailsham. After seeing Tommy's artwork Kathy and Tommy's love for each other, the headmistress does not grant the deferal. The "deferals" she said never existed, they're just rumors developed by the clones. Kathy fails, we-the-audience are disappointed.

*My reading and adaption leave me conflicted though. Here are few conlicts:
*Kathy's profession: a nurse, seems more a keeper profession. She's a keeper of sickly clones; keeps them comfortable until they complete their final donation.
**Kathy's time frame of concern certainly seems to be the past: a regain; and her other goal is to regain the love she shared with Tommy; she succeeds for a short time before he "completes".

Insights, anyone?

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